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Using the NHSPI™ Results

Learn how to navigate the 2013 NHSPI™ results and use the results to improve preparedness as a:

Where is the NHSPI™ Headed?

Moving beyond public health and healthcare systems; take a look at the Future Direction and what's next for the NHSPI™.

What's New?

In the midst of the global and national response to Ebola, examining the country’s preparedness takes on heightened significance. The situation in West Africa reminds us of the many infectious diseases and other disasters with potential for widespread health consequences domestically and internationally. The National Health Security Preparedness Index™ (NHSPI™; the Index™) provides a fresh way to measure and advance the nation’s readiness to respond to large scale emergencies of all kinds.

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We Need Your Voice

Share Your Ideas

The NHSPI™ was built by the community, for the community. Ideas and comments are always welcome.

Tools to Use When Talking about the NHSPI™

Key messages, briefing slides, and other resources are available to guide and support conversations around the nation about the NHSPI™.