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A quick-reference to the list of technical terms used on the site with brief definitions.

Also see Domain and Sub-domain Definitions – brief explanations of the elements of preparedness (domains and sub-domains) that together are grouped to comprise the Index Structure of the 2013 NHSPI™. Areas Under Construction are also defined.

Community Resilience

Ability to adapt to changing conditions and withstand and rapidly recover from disruption due to emergencies. (Presidential Policy Directive – 8,


A grouping of related sub-domains reflecting a broader component of national health security.


An individual indicator of a structure, process, or outcome related to national health security. All measures used are from existing public-use data. No new data was collected for the NHSPI™. Measure-level data is available in the 2013 Index – Report view.

National Health Security

A state in which the Nation and its people are prepared for, protected from, and resilient in the face of health threats or incidents with potentially negative health consequences. (National Health Security Strategy,

National Preparedness Goal

A secure and resilient nation with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk. (


Actions taken to plan, organize, equip, train, and exercise to build and sustain the capabilities necessary to prevent, protect against, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from those threats that pose the greatest risk to the security of the Nation.” (Presidential Policy Directive – 8,


A mathematical value that summarizes the overall status of health security preparedness for states and the nation, as well as various areas of preparedness, or elements of the Index. The results are calculated by averaging results of these elements (e.g., a Sub-domain Result is the average of normalized measures within the sub-domain; a Domain Result is the average of the sub-domains in the domain; the Overall Index Result is the average of the domain results.)


A grouping of measures related to a specific aspect of national health security.