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Help Shape the Future of Health Security Preparedness

We would like to hear what you think about the NHSPI™. A critical element of the National Health Security Preparedness Index is hearing from people with a role or interest in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a disaster or public emergency. (Please see Methodology for more details on the role of stakeholders in creating the NHSPI™.)

Over the past decade, significant resources have been invested in preparedness, leading to a strengthened national health security. However, we are reminded with each event that gaps remain and new potential threats to our health security are likely to emerge.

The NHSPI™ will meet these challenges by providing information on how well communities, states, and the nation are prepared for public health and other emergency situations. The Index assesses where we are and helps guide efforts to achieve a higher level of health security preparedness.

Efforts within the first year will focus on assessing areas of public health and health care system preparedness using existing measures.

With your help, the Index will be continuously improved, expanded, and refined to include other areas and drivers of health security preparedness.

Through, we are collecting your ideas to inform the continued development of the index, helping create a more complete annual measure of state and national health security preparedness.

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